AI Secrets for Faster & Smarter Journey Mapping (YouTube)

Oh, here’s a clever AI technique: take a multi-faceted concept like a user journey in product design. If you teach the AI a mini-language — where each aspect of a user journey is represented by a hashtag, e.g. #aspect1, #aspect2 — and then feed it some use cases, the AI can generate completed user journeys. Wow!

What’s cool is that you could use this hashtag technique with ANY sort of structured data, not just user journeys!

Hashtags can be part of a new AI interface language to help us go beyond simple sentence prompts (do this, do that) where instead: we teach the AI not just the What but the How for complex problems.

It’s like a cooking recipe where instead of just a simple list of ingredients, we’re also thinking about cooking steps, stages, tools, and timing. Versus just throwing everything into a pan on high heat.

A good reminder about what today’s AI is good at: connecting dots, adding color, considering overlooked or unconventional possibilities, and quickly cranking through the mechanical busy work of content assembly and iterating. All of which helps us to enrich discovery, fail fast, pivot intelligently, and avoid solution bias.

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