Some case studies from my portfolio as a UX architect, designer, author, developer, and manager. More about that on my Linkedin profile.

Dun & Bradstreet

Portfolio examples coming soon!

Case Study:

Using Personas to Define a Marketplace Experience

A health insurance marketplace needed to resolve a common challenge: how do you build UX for four different personas? Spoiler alert: A flexible 3-in-1 UI solution. (Clickable prototype)

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Blog Post:

Redesigning the NPR One App as an Appliance

How can this amazing app work as a true appliance for the kitchen or car? A case study in design process, content strategy, and a surprise branding breakthrough.

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Case Study:

Designing Flexible Screens for Multiple Workflows

A K-12 education startup needed a plug-and-play screen system not just for their first workflow, but also for the workflows not yet discovered. (INTERACTIVE)

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PDF Deliverable:

Translating Business Requirements into a User Experience

Our client, the Massachusetts insurance marketplace, had a problem: only the engineers and policy wonks could understand it. Regular non-expert shoppers were getting stuck. A strategy in three parts.

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